ASK Line Locating Ltd. - Services

We specialize in all types of locating and GPS services: 

  • locating inside a plant environment.
  • drone services
  • environmental spills and reclamation sites
  • line breaks
  • rig anchors
  • pipeline rights of way
  • seismic projects
  • Alberta First Call response
  • GPS of Pipeline Welds
  • GPS of pile locations
  • GPS of abandoned pipeline, well centers, etc.
  • Alberta one call Ticket Management
  • Reconnaissance scouting for pipeline
  • Abandonments

Note: GPS accuracy is down to between 1-2 cm in a cellular environment.

ASK Line Locating Ltd. specializes in buried facility locating for the upstream and midstream oil and gas industry, forest industry and the construction industry in Alberta. We can set-up your pipeline construction site with maps that are exact to what is in the ground, allowing your contractors to proceed with their ground disturbance with 100% confidence!!

If it is buried in the ground, WE CAN FIND IT!